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Pilskog and Overaa are the names of two farms and today small comunities in Hareid at Sunnmøre, Møre og Romsdal fylke/ county in Norway. 

Olaf Laurits Olsen Pilskog was born at Karolusplassen at Overaa, Hjørungavåg, Hareid.



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This is a website with information about: Olaf Laurits Olsen Pilskog (and his forfathers and children), from Norway,

born on September the 18th in 1876.

at Overaa, Hjørungavåg, Hareid, Møre og (og = and) Romsdal fylke/ county , Norway 

Olaf's mother was:

Elise Oline Karolusdotter, born 19th of Okt. 1838, 

and the father:

Ole Pedersen Fiskergaard.

Mr. Ole P. Fiskergaard has until recently only been a name for the family, it is mentioned in a book of 1985, but nothing was known of his origen or whereabouts. Now we know were he was born in 1855, and lived and died.

He married in 1883 at Tingvoll, in the north of Møre og Romsdal. He lived there until his death, even though his last days he spent at an hospital in Trondheim for lungsickness. Read more about Ole in other links, most in Norwegian, but some in English.

Elise was 38 years old and not married at the time of Olaf´s birth. She worked at that time on a small farm called "Rabben", nearby Grovadalen

Grovadalen was the name of a small lot of land, today only the name remains, where one called Ole Peterson lived in 1875. Ole was the fifth child in a family of eight children. He was born in 1855.

"Rabben" was a socalled "husmannsplass" under the farm "Tranvåg", which still is at "Fiskerstranda", at Sula, Møre og Romsdal, Norway. 

Please read this link: Grovadalen

Karen Eline Karolusdotter, the sister of Elise, was married and lived at this farm (Rabben) from 1874.

Elise's parents were:

Father: Karolus Simonson Honningdalsnes at Skodje - dead 23.07. 1880  68 years old. 

Mother: Berte Marie Olsd. Giskemo, born at Hjellereite, Ørskog - dead 04.03.1891 93 years old.

Olaf was baptized at home. In case there were a danger that the child would not live long enough to be baptized in Church, the father or any Christian person could baptize the newborn child. The baptism was confirmed by the vicar on the 26. November 1876 in church.

I am Arthur M. Pilskog, a grandchild of Olaf Laurits.         


Information about ( map)

Fiskergaard, Sula

The place of origen of Ole Pedersen Fiskergaard's name.


Olaf Laurits Olsen Overaa Pilskog

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